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Community Sterile Woundcare Pack. The complete sterile woundcare pack solution.

Features & Benefits:

Complete Solution

  • Comprehensive range of components to meet a clinician’s needs when changing a patient's dressing or performing additional aseptic techniques
  • Available in a range of glove sizes

Providing Quality and Protection

Laminated paper sterile field help provide a sterile environmentmwhilst changing a patient’s dressing

Providing Cost Savings

Competitively priced to provide a cost-effective solution for your medical facility
Each Pack Contains:
  • 5 x Non-Woven Swabs (5x 10cm x 10cm)
    5 Pieces to aid cleansing of the wound area.
  • 60ml Gallipot
    Suitable as a container for skin preparation or other fluids used during a range of medical examinations and clinical procedures.
  • Laminated Paper Sterile Field
    1 Piece that can be used to place pack components on and place under the patient’s wound area.
  • Large Apron
    To protect clinician and patient whilst cleansing and dressing the patient’s wound.
  • Pair of Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves
    Latex free, powder free gloves folded back for ease of aseptic donning.
  • Tissue Backed Drape 
    Provides a sterile field for the clinical procedure to be performed from
  • Paper Measuring Tape
    20cm in length with space for recording patient and wound details.
  • Paper Towel
    Can be used to soak up solution whilst cleansing a patient's wound.
  • 1 Compartment Tray
    For holding solution, e.g. saline.
  • White Polythene Disposal Bag
    To collect soiled materials. Can be sealed using the adhesive strip.

Ordering Information:

Description Pack size SKU
Small Pack size: 20 SKU: 66743
Medium Pack size: 20 SKU: 66750
Large Pack size: 20 SKU: 66767

For ordering enquiries on this product, please contact the sales team: info@medicareplus.co.uk

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Orders coming through the website during this period will be processed on 4th January 2022.
Kindly accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Additional Ordering Information

Product Product Code NHS-SC Code
Small - 20 pack Product Code: 66743 NHS-SC Code: EVS799
Medium - 20 pack Product Code: 66750 NHS-SC Code: EVS800
Large - 20 pack Product Code: 66767 NHS-SC Code: EVS801
If you require more information about our ProPack Community or would like a representative to contact you, please email us at info@medicareplus.co.uk

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