Medicareplus International: The Skin Protection Specialist

Incorporated in 2007, Medicareplus International is one of the fastest growing organisations for skin protection in wound care, continence care and stoma care.

At Medicareplus International, we are committed to ensuring that patients with chronic health conditions have the support that they need to continue to enjoy the best possible quality of life. To achieve this, our exceptional teams have forged the creation of affordable yet exceptional skin protection products that retain skin integrity and improve healing.

We passionately believe in working collaboratively with our customers to develop, deliver and support professional education programs that are tailored to the bespoke requirements of your trust. Our highly qualified and experienced team help to educate healthcare professionals on safely and effectively using our products to protect the patients’ skin integrity in wound care, continence care and stoma care. 

Our vision

Our Vision 

We aspire to become the Skin Protection Specialist in wound care, continence care and stoma care.

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Our mission

Our Mission 

Through forming close partnerships with our clinical customers, our mission is to continue to be recognised as collaborative partners and trusted skin protection specialists. To achieve this, we aim to continue to offer the highest quality, clinically evidence-backed products that maintain skin integrity, and enhance healing and quality of life, while retaining an affordable price point. Working closely with our customers, we create innovative, economic, patient-centric, evidence-based solutions that help clinicians improve clinical outcomes for patients with skin care challenges in wound care, incontinence and stoma.  In this way, we aim to raise the global standard of care for all patients. 

our values

Our Values 

Medicareplus International is committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. We strive to do this by ensuring that we always act in an ethically and socially responsible manner, maintaining transparent business practices and providing evidence-based products that are supported by leading education platforms. Moving forward, we aspire to make our entire supply chain more sustainable, support the NHS on their Green Procurement agenda and put initiatives in place that support our communities and the charitable organisations that we support. We’re also committed to reducing paper usage, encouraging our clinical customers, economic buyers and wider partners to use our extensive range of digital resources where possible, rather than printed materials.  

Our history

Originally incorporated in 2007, Medicareplus International was developed with the aim of providing affordable, patient-centric solutions to improve the quality of life of people with skin integrity challenges.  In April 2008, Medicareplus International become part of the renowned Chemilines group – established for more than 25 years and recognised as one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical importers and distributors within the healthcare sector.  

Since then, we have gained recognition as one of the fastest growing healthcare organisations focused on skin protectants. This has been achieved while still retaining our family-owned approach to the workplace environment and relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. Our product portfolio has grown extensively to provide clinicians with a range of clinical and economic solutions for patients suffering from acute or chronic skin integrity challenges in wound care, continence care and stoma care. Our products can be safely used on compromised and normal skin, and help to prevent infection, advance their rate of healing and improve their quality of life. 
In addition to the Total Barrier Protection range of products, our portfolio includes standard dressing packs, advanced wound care dressings, absorbents, peak flow meters, gloves, surgical tape and other medical devices. 

In an industry with many other big names, we are proud to retain a deeply personal relationship with our clinical customers, economic buyers, and the countless patients who use our products every single day. 

Our commitment to skin integrity

At Medicareplus International, we are committed to leading the way in skin integrity through Total Barrier Protection™. Our products reflect this, providing a safe, effective barrier between skin and irritation from bodily fluids. 
Total Barrier Protection™ is a moisture damage treatment strategy that prevents, protects, repairs and restores skin integrity, improving patient care whilst driving efficiency savings. 

Our brands

Within Medicareplus International, we have varying brands, each specifically designed for skin protection in wound care, continence care and stoma care, helping patients access cost-effective, successful solutions that maximise their health and quality of life. Several of our flagship skin protectant brands, which are currently used as the gold-standard of care in UK healthcare settings, include:

Medi Derma-S Barrier Film and Cream
Medi Derma-S barrier cream provides intense moisturising while protecting skin from irritation from bodily fluids, adhesive products and friction, thereby helping in the management of MASD (Moisture-Associated Skin Damage).  

Further, having a stoma doesn’t have to affect quality of life. Created specifically with stoma care in mind, Medi Derma-S barrier film is a silicone-based, long-lasting solution that is effective as a primary barrier against irritation from bodily fluids, without affecting the adhesion of ostomy pouches. 
Medi Derma-PRO
Medi Derma-PRO advanced skin protectant ointment, and foam and spray incontinence cleanser provides a long-lasting barrier protection on moderate to severe skin damage associated with continence issues. It’s non-sting formulation enables painless application for all age groups.  
Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover
Changing stoma dressings couldn’t be easier thanks to Lifteez medical adhesive remover. This non-sting formula is gentle on skin, but powerful at quickly breaking down the adhesive bonds that secure dressings in place. This makes dressing removal simple, while minimising the potential for skin stripping and discomfort.