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Medical Barrier Cream – Healthcare Grade
Medi Derma-S Barrier Cream provides gentle barrier protection on intact skin or for mild skin damage.

Medi Derma-S Barrier Cream moisturises and protects damaged and intact skin by forming a protective waterproof barrier, preventing irritation from bodily fluids, adhesive products and friction.

The long-lasting and quick drying formulation provides a protective layer to the skin and is suitable for use during episodes of incontinence. 

Topics: Any Patient Group, Continence Care, Elderly Patients, Moisture-Associated Skin Damage (MASD), Neonatal & Paediatrics, Palliative or End of Life Care, Skin Care for Stoma, Wound Care

Features & Benefits:

  • Long Lasting Protection – resilient, hydrophobic protective barrier from moisture associated skin damage
  • Can be applied to both damaged and intact skin(1,2)
  • Provides protection around the area where the dressing, pouch or adhesive device is to be applied by forming a transparent coating
  • Can be used underneath incontinence pads as it does not block pad absorption(3)
  • Prevents exudate damage and maceration
  • Does not impede the adhesion of dressings, pouches or adhesive devices(1)
  • Suitable for use on Paediatric patients(4)
  • Only a small amount required for each application
  • Quickly absorbed into the skin
  • Alcohol, Fragrance, Latex, Parabens and Phthalates Free
  1. Bianchi J, Beldon P, Callaghan R, Stephen-Haynes J (2013) Barrier products: Effective use of a barrier cream and film. Wounds UK 9(1): 82-8.
  2. Southgate G, Bradbury S (2016) Management of incontinence-associated dermatitis with a skin barrier protectant. BJN 25(9): S20-S29.
  3. Dykes P, Bradbury S (2016) Incontinence Pad Absorption and Skin Barrier Creams: A Non-Patient Study. 25 (22): 1244-1248.
  4. Huish S, Walters E (2016) Preliminary evaluation of Medi Derma-S Barrier Cream & Film for managing neonatal nappy associated dermatitis and development of a neonatal skin care protocol. Poster Presentation, Wounds UK, Harrogate.
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